licensed stylists & extension technicians


Professional In-salon Service fully  guaranteed in  a  full service salon -

seamless colour matching   

professional licensed stylist cutting and blending of hair

day time and evening appointments

we tried other hair quality we prefer best quality 4A quality or Higher

we based our pricing on superior quality 100 g of hair 

Micro-Bead Cold Fusion
Hair Extensions

Revolutionizing Hair Extensions

this method is the best of all worlds!  New Remy Hair is beaded to your own hair and secured with a keratin bonded bead.  No heat involved!

By seamlessly clipping on to your own hair the damage of removal is eliminated- long lasting and REUSABLE!


Yes- re-usable! Cold Fusion Micro Beads can be re-used up to 4 times.

Don't loose your investment-no damage to your hair

Our in-house Hair Extension Expert perfectly matches your color 

the latest in hair extensions


You can book a full head of micro-bead cold fusion hair

 fusion extensions

starting at $499 for 18"-24"

Tape In Extensions - Ideal for Fine Hair adds Seamless Volume

Expertly placed and professional colour mathcing taped in extenions

offer fine thin hair the body the volume and the length!  Superior quality hair can be resued .  

Ouchless and virtually damage free removal!  starting at $499

Fusion Hair Extensions
Fusion hair extenisons last up to six months, they are a keratin bond, that is heated to fuse with your hair.  Keratin is a naturally occuring protein that your hair already has, this type of bond maintains the integrity of your hair, and forms a semi-permanent bond with the extension.  Fusion provides the most natural form of extensions, giving you length, body, colour and volume!  Everything you want from an extension can be found in fusions!!!


You can book a full head of fusion extensions

starting at $499 for 18"-24"

Clip In Customized Extensions starting at $169.99


Do you have a wedding, graduation, formal, engagement party, or any other special day that you wish you had long hair for?  Clip in hair extensions are the answer!  Clip In extensions let you have the length you need for that day and then you simply remove them that night.  Cinderella had her fairy godmother and you have us!  Come in for a consultation with our extension expert and find out if this is the right extension type for you!