Root Rescue
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e-mail us a current photo of you with your roots under natural light
and we can get consultation started- 
*** Please see exemptions below 

No Roots

- Keep the mystery alive even while in quarantine - 

premixed customized professional hair colour -mailed directly to your door

just open and apply

Our no roots colour kit includes clothing protector, disposable salon towel, neck strip, custom mixed salon grade all-natural, less than 3% ammonia opaque hair colour to cover those pesky greys and refresh your hair, as well as a tint brush and directions.  (This kit is designed for shoulder length regular thickness hair.)

$25 + shipping 

No Roots - For long or thick hair - 

Includes everything in our regular kit except we have added more product for full coverage if you have hair passed your shoulder, or it is thick or porous this is the kit for you. 

$35 + shipping

Virtual Colour Bestie

This is ideal for our new clients, clients who are looking for a change or just want to discuss a hair challenge with a professional.  We bring our stylist to you through our Virtual Colour Bestie Consultation.  

You get a customized hair consultation with our European Trained Master Stylist.  

We will discuss your hair concerns, develop a hair plan and create a customized formula for you.

 Our team will then create your salon prescription and store it on file. 


Special Add Ons:


– Sensitive Scalp Anti-Itch Solution –

We have an anti-itch solution we can add for people whose scalp is sensitive.  Our anti-itch solution does not dilute the colour nor affect your final results.  This is not for colour allergies.  



– Olaplex –

Think of this as insurance for your hair.  This is added to your colour when mixing.  It works by rebuilding broken bonds within the hair, this miracle serum turns dry, brittle and damaged hair into silky, smooth perfection!



– Roots to Ends Colour –

Want to refresh your ends too?  We can add some extra product to make this happen, in addition to a conditioning treatment for your hair.  $10

– Olaplaex Colour Lock –

After you have washed out your colour you can add some extra shine, protection and hair love with the additional Olaplaex Step: 2 conditioner  



– Colour Block/Anti-Stain –

Colour Block is put on before you colour your hair, use the included cotton balls to put the colour block around your hair line to prevent staining.  Anti-stain is a colour remover for any remaining colour that has stained your skin after you rinse it off.


- Shine Booster -

Craving that glossy look?  Our shine booster will give your hair that extra special salon glow.


PLEASE NOTE:  Exemptions at this time…

We are unable to offer lightening , bleaching or highlights for home services.  

These are exclusive services that require in salon service only.